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Details of Cross Border Coverage

Roadside Assistance

Whether you're at home, or on the road, call us toll free and we'll dispatch assistance. The authorized auto service provider we send will come equipped to solve the most common breakdowns including:

  • Towing Assistance – When towing is necessary, your vehicle is covered to the closest qualified service facility up to 25 miles.
  • Flat Tire Assistance – Towing assistance will be provided if needed.
  • Fuel, Oil, Fluid, and Water Delivery Service – An emergency supply of fuel, oil, fluid and water will be delivered if your vehicle is in immediate need. (Cost of fuel not included.)
  • Lock-out Assistance – If your keys are locked inside of your Covered Vehicle, assistance will be provided to gain entry into the Covered Vehicle
  • Battery Service – If a battery failure occurs, towing assistance will be provided if needed.

Towing Service

Where available at the disablement location, minor mechanical assistance will be provided for services requiring minor adjustments to the vehicle (exclusive of parts) to enable a covered vehicle to proceed under its own power to the nearest repair facility. For a covered vehicle that requires a tow, it is covered to the closest qualified service facility up to 25 miles

Type of Vehicles Covered

24-hour emergency roadside assistance service is available for the vehicle registered with Road America (“Covered Vehicle”) for Covered Services up to the per occurrence benefit limit stated, and with a maximum of three (3) occurrences per membership year allowed, without any additional payments. You are responsible for any non-covered expenses.

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and a friendly customer service agent will be happy to assist you.


Repair Tech Assistance – Call Our Repair Assist ASE-Certified Automotive Technician Team for their unbiased advice on your Covered Vehicle as often as You need (866-242-1315). Your Repair Assist specialist will assist You with all Your basic auto repair questions…whether relating to vehicle servicing and maintenance schedules, manufacturers’ recall notices and technical service bulletins or just inquiries concerning what could be wrong with Your Covered Vehicle. Many members also call to discuss replacement or new parts pricing for items as varied as tires, GPS systems, C/D players, etc. We'll try to let Our knowledge and experience serve You whenever and wherever You need it.

Repair Advocate Assistance – Should Your Covered Vehicle experience a mechanical failure, call Us for technical assistance and a diagnosis of what issues may be afflicting Your vehicle. If repairs are necessary, Your Repair Assist specialist can still help by suggesting a qualified repair facility to assist You and, regardless of which facility You choose, advocate on Your behalf. When an RAMC Repair Assist specialist performs a mechanical failure audit of Your Covered Vehicle and speaks with a service repair industry representative on Your behalf, three questions are of utmost importance: (a) Is Your Covered Vehicle being properly diagnosed? (b) Does the repair facility's estimated cost to repair Your Covered Vehicle represent a fair price? and, (c) Is Your Covered Vehicle at the right type of facility given the nature of the repair? In order to take advantage of this valuable service, just give Your Membership card to the service advisor at the repair facility and ask them to call Us at 866-242-1315 before beginning any repair work. RAMC’s Repair Assist specialist always approaches the repair facility representative in a positive and professional manner and, more importantly, as a colleague who knows the business as well as they do.


Road America will relay an emergency message to up to three (3) individuals on behalf of the customer if they are involved in a vehicular accident or disablement and need to notify their family, friends, and business associates (etc) of a delay in their arrival or another information by calling a representative at 1-866-530-8886


Should you or your spouse require the need of an ambulance as the result of a vehicle accident, the club will reimburse you up to $50 to help offset the cost. This benefit is NOT restricted to your vehicle. You will be reimbursed for ambulance assistance if the accident occurs while you are in your vehicle, riding in a common carrier such a as a bus or train, or taxi, or if you are hit by a vehicle. For reimbursement of ambulance expenses, you must submit a claim within 60 days*, including your name, membership number, mailing address, and a bona-fide copy of the filed accident report. You must also include paid receipts validated by the ambulance company providing the ambulance services. *Wisconsin residents are not limited to filing a claim within 60 days.

Funeral Assistance Helpline

For those members who purchased the Funeral Assistance package, you will have access to a 24 Hour funeral and bereavement assistance line by calling 1- 866-515-3426. Specially trained staff will assist You with the coordination of services relating to the death of an immediate household family member such as mortuary services and/or the coordination of required administrative paper work. As a member You will also be connected to providers who will assist with repatriating the deceased to Mexico from the United States or Canada.